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Flyboard rentals in Pnama City Beach & Northern Florida

Welcome to Flyboard PCB!

We are the premier destination for flyboarding in northern Florida and the Panama City Beach area.

Fly through the sky like a bird!Have you ever dreamed of flying like Ironman and getting his view of the world or swimming like a dolphin? Achieve your ultimate dreams in an extreme experience. Just surf the sky and fly like a jet.

Flyboard PCB Contest!This is one of the hottest new watersports!

Riding the flyboard is like no other experience where aquaman meets ironman. This allows propulsion through the water and in the air. Locations for daily flyboarding will vary daily and weather conditions permitting. Please call ahead for locations in the Panama City Beach area (850) 348-9891.

We service the northern area of Florida including:
Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Pensacola which is most of the gulf coast. Southern Alabama including Mobile, Birmingham, Mongomery and Tuscaloosa. Georgia including Atlanta and Columbus.

Watch the Amazing Flyboard Shows!Fly Like A Super Hero!

Certified Instructors with First Aid TrainingPower up with the best in the area. We have certified instructors ready to guide you through your flyboarding experience and all of our personnel are trained in first aid and CPR for your safety.

YouTube Flyboarding VideosWant to see the flyboard in action? Watch these awesome videos to see the amazing flyboard soar through the sky and dive deep into the ocean. This is a one of a kind experience!
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Rates & Locations For Flyboard Rentals Flyboarding Rates & Locations

Find out our current locations and rates for flyboard rentals. This is your chance to ride the amazing flyboard!
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Upcoming Flyboarding Shows

Flyboarding Shows

Watch flyboarding shows with professional flyboarders. Watch them soar into the sky and dive in and out of the water like a dolphin.
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Buy Light-Up Fluboarding Night Suites
Night Flying Flyboard Suits

Check out our night flying suites! These saltwater proof suites light up for shows using led lights and look awesome.
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Buy Flyoarding Gear & AccesoriesBuy Flyboarding Gear

Find the newest flyboarding gear and accessories. Bring your flyboarding experience to the next level!
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